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Remembering the Past



I created portfolios of my work in the past, and when I look amateur. However, I guess we all remember those amateur days. Those days were exploration of new software, understanding platforms, creating new styles of design and those days are still with me. Heck- I am still learning new software and producingSoul Select Large new styles of design.

Looking back at how I progress as a designer- I learned that there is always room for growth. Flyer designs was my first step of understanding communication marketing and Soul Select had a different crowd of demographic that was challenging. Will this flyer bring a crowd to the event? Does this flyer make the event exciting?

I was used to marketing for the corporate industry and being able to let my ideas ride on its on freewill was an opportunity I could not let pass me by. In 2009, I created this flyer.

A designer can grow immensely in two years. As I feel that I did grow as a designer, but my passion is now stronger. I may do this flyer again, to see what I come up with for 2011. I can point out the difference in each design and pin point where I think I have enhanced.

"Inspired by my Past, contributing to my Future."

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